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Nick's Island Lagoon Expedition

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Imagine trekking across endless salt flats in the heat of the Australian desert.  Imagine doing this on your own.  Imagine doing it on your own if you were blind.


Nick Gleeson is an adventurer by nature. He has been living with blindness since he was seven years of age. Nick has raced up the 1,500 stairs of the Empire State Building and completed a 90km ultramarathon in South Africa.  He’s trekked across the Simpson Desert, he’s reached the Everest Base Camp and the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.  Now he is about to undertake his first solo trek.  In late May, Nick will be attempting to trek solo across Island Lagoon, a salt flat area near Woomera in the South Australian desert. 


Nick has decided to do this, not only as a personal achievement, but to raise funds to support other Australians who are living with blindness or low vision.  He aims to raise money for Vision Australia so that they can continue to provide the services that people who are blind or have profoundly low vision use to help them get a decent education, enter employment and to live independent, and active lives.

This is a serious venture.  Nick will be walking alone across Island Lagoon.  In three days he will navigate across 25 km of inhospitable salt flats carrying all his own supplies and equipment. 


You can help Nick reach his fundraising goal by personally sponsoring him or by getting your friends together as a team to sponsor him.   Please click the “Donate” button and be as generous as you can so that Australians living with blindness or low vision can have every chance to live the lives they choose.


All funds raised are being directed to Vision Australia and contributions of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. 



Nick's Latest update

There's a link to Nick's blog at the top of the page. 


Nick has completed the journey!  What an awesome achievement!  You can see more at his Faceboook page... 


Of course, it's not too late to sponsor Nick and help him raise funds for Vision Australia's services.  Whether it's a young child preparing for school, an adult entering the workforce or an elder Australian just wanting to stay safely in their own home, Vision Australia's services are used by people of all ages who are living with blindness or profoundly low vision to achieve and mainitan independence and to reach their life goals.  So please click the donate button and help ensure the continuation of these vital services.





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